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Halo Machine

Halo Machine | Unsuccessful Mission// Physical Painting

Halo Machine | Unsuccessful Mission// Physical Painting

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Edition: 1

Medium: Acrylic on canvas

Size: 60 cm by 80 cm 

Year: 2022


I was born in August 1990 in Córdoba, Argentina. Where I currently live.

I start my pictorial activity studying a painting degree at the National University of Córdoba, complementing my activity attending the workshops from Paula Cecchi, Rafael Cerrito and Roger Mantegani where through a leisurely search I start to enrolls in the watercolor technique, developing an impeccable, laborious technique that manifests in each realistic work, and the theme explores the urban as casual but internally felt, as part of her world, where detail is so impeccable and important, like the whole. And this process finishes in 2019 where after that I change completely with the Grunge Dreams series. 

Artist Statement

Grunge Dreams started as a production related to the annual event Inktober. However with the influence of anti war cyberpunk tales from Philip K Dick and the 90’s anime this has seduced me to develop a story where I created a lonely character (a cyborg) that is attached to a consumed (and sterile human presence) local urban landscape. Guarding the rebirth of nature allowing its new reign while she experiments with human culture and behavior, even the emotional state of what mankind used to be and feeling the danger of nostalgia. In each artwork we see how she develops her own self before human extinction, her intentions to look for machines like her in the lonely world, and wanting to know who was her AI mother that commanded her to put an end to mankind.

Social Media handles & links 


Twitter: @RocioCeleEguia

Instagram: @halo_machine_


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