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Starting with a glass of wine, and some colouring -  I will walk you through the perspective of a dozen professional visual artists that we have carefully curated.  We will show you in detail the meaning behind their physical original artworks. Unlocking the often intimidating visual art world - my goal is to bring you towards a better understanding and appreciation for the arts.

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Anne Jano is the creator and host of the multi-season television series « ART impact » which features twelve relevant topics of the art world. Each episode includes a related artist, expert, and organization which many have national or international recognition in their respective fields. Showcasing the evolving culture of our society in an easy to follow format, the show examines the interrelated impact that each entity can have in a captivating way. Art Impact presents a 360 perspective of important topics with a host who is animated and approachable.

Anne Jano is an ardent Montrealer, lover of the Arts, and a well-traveled curious individual. She founded Jano Lapin in 2016 and has not stopped growing her art endeavours since!


Located in Griffintown - you will enter the world of Jano Lapin Gallery which is only open for private viewings. We are at 355 Rue Guy, Montreal, QC H3J 2L2 

Choose between English or French as the language of choice or even both!


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