Colección: REVIVE for Art Matters

Art Matters is North America’s largest student-run art festival, taking place annually in March throughout Montréal/Tiohtia:ke. Founded in 2000, Art Matters has often been labelled the largest student-run art festival in North America. An annual Art Matters festival spans 3 weeks and features about 10 exhibitions curated by and for undergraduate students. We love new ideas and frequently collaborate with professional festivals and organizations to create mentorships and future exhibition opportunities.

Art Matters is a non-profit, honorarium-based initiative. Our goal is to get people working together, encouraging students from different artistic practices to exchange meaningful artistic endeavours.


March 2-14 2022

Facilitated by Claire Duby Riou

Venue: Galerie Jano Lapin, 3819 Wellington St #200


Elyanne Desaulniers | Les loups ont faim
Charlotte Lehoux | Être ailleurs n'est pas un remède
Barbara Ottevaere | Danse Nocturne
Sandra Lamy | Regenerate
Arianne Duplessis | Afternoon Sheets

As the past two years have given us more time for reflection and many questionnements, Revive is composed of 5 stories manifesting inner thoughts. With an aim to address the interconnections between our minds and bodies, this exhibition is centered on the projection of emotions and sensations. This exhibition represents how personal reflection can be transformative and go from wonder and doubts to the creation of new strength and sources of inspiration. It highlights how artists can use their practice as a way to question themselves but also society from a feminine angle and seeks to touch on the notion of empowerment. Revive aims to invite visitors to connect to themselves during an inner journey and enter the intimacy of the artist's minds.



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