Collection: Reclaiming Purpose by Art Matters - Group Exhibit Concordia University BFA initiative

Reclaiming Purpose is a multidisciplinary exhibition following seven artists as they explore the ways we navigate the expectations imposed on us by our identities. Be it gender, race, ethnicity, sexuality, culture, economic class; each aspect of our identity comes with a role to fill. All too often does "being yourself" come with the responsibility of being a role model, a mentor, or having to make a name for yourself. To be successful and defiant. To pave the way for future generations. Fortunately, these expectations leave room for opportunity to grow beyond, to become something bigger than what is expected of us.

Reclaiming Purpose aims to spotlight the reclamation of one's own journey, as opposed to it being predetermined. These works explore the agency we have to exist comfortably in our own identities, without having to be defiant or abject. Consider each work as an act of ownership, a step towards who we want to become. A reckoning of societal expectations with optimism. From vibrant, blossoming portraits that extend to you an invitation, to a whimsical ceramic vessel that fluidifies expression. Melancholy drawings, ambient paintings, and intricate weavings. Delicate social iconography guides elongated pages, enchanting photographs and dreamy ceramics fill the room. 

This exhibition embodies ownership over one's life, finding community in unfamiliar places, and healing one's relationship with oneself. As you explore our exhibition, we invite you to reflect on your own identity, and examine the role it plays in your ability to derive purpose, and lead you towards becoming the best version of yourself.

Curator Nicole Harris


Emma Dye: Untitled Diptych | @emgeeshd

Matthew Kovacik: Guardians

Mie Beers: Kenosis | @velvet.leopard

Emily Blair: To Carry Fish Alive. | @emilyblur

Octavio Rüest: HABITA | @octavioruest |

Samuel Robert: A Ship to a place I may belong | @studio_samuel |

Amelia Hart: Ghosts | @ameliaohart

Dates: March 4th to March 18th 2023


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