Comprehensive Decorating Services

The decor in our home infuses energy into our environment and narrates a story. It encapsulates our identity, emotions, and is a vital aspect of embellishing our surroundings.

At Jano Lapin, we curate art from the primary art market and offer comprehensive decorating and design services tailored to your needs. Based on your preferences, we create a mood board that envisions your space. Depending on your budget, we provide a variety of services, specializing in updating existing spaces, which can include:

- Personalized color choices (paint, furniture, etc.)
- Tile and finishes recommendations
- Selecting and arranging wall décor
- Accessory selection to complement the overall aesthetic
- Layout assistance for optimal visual impact
- Artwork curation for your walls with new or existing art
- Lighting recommendations for enhancing a space and overall ambiance
- Curtains and window treatments advice, including sourcing and installation

Purchasing Assistance

In addition to our advisory services, we offer support in purchasing items, ensuring each element complements the overall design space, providing you with an easy solution to your project. From researching and negotiating to transportation, we arrange everything for you if that is what you are looking for!

Curated Room Experiences

Let us curate the overall look and feel of every room you want to work on. We specialize in creating cohesive and personalized spaces that reflect your style and preferences. Our team is dedicated to sourcing and curating items that enhance the aesthetic of your home or office based on your preferences and expectations for any style!

Enhance the aesthetics of your space with our integrated art advisory and decorating services. Let us transform your surroundings into a masterpiece that reflects your style and personality.

Contact us at for more information and to set up an initial free discovery meeting.