Get Creative on the Coolest Street in the World

Hosted through Airbnb Experience 

The experience begins with a warm welcome, introductions, and a tour of the art gallery space, featuring 14 art studios, a residency program, and the option to enjoy a glass of wine. Participants engage in group discussions, reflecting on elements such as colors, composition, and themes in artworks. The talks delve into the artist's intentions and symbolic elements, fostering an appreciation for diverse perspectives in a judgment-free zone. The experience concludes with a self-expressive segment, allowing participants to draw something inspiring using colored pencils, crayons, or pastels. Overall, it's a unique blend of art appreciation, open dialogue, individual self-expression, and a friendly setting.

Hosted in English or in French depending on the group.  Private group available for a minimum of 100$. You can email us at for any inquiries.